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Full Service Digital Marketing

  •  Obtain enhanced marketing strategies to convert more
  •  Our unique designs will help you bring in more traffic for free
  •  Our master digital marketing systems will help eliminate your competition 

High Conversion Headlines & Copy

  •  Professional sells copy with every page
  •  Receive proven converting headlines
  •  Obtain the best hooks for all your ad campaigns 

Strategy Consultation

  • Find holes in your current business plan, that could be detrimental to your business's health.
  • Bring your business forward using methods you haven't thought about.
  • Highlight positive traits you should keep using to find success.
  • Help you formulate a plan to strengthen your business and build it to 7+ figures.
  • Full Service of my complete attention to you and your business


Your First Month Of Image & Video Ads
All Done For You For FREE!

  •  Have proven ads that highly converts all done for you!
  •  This will eliminate your competition and bring you massive traffic!

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Brand Design & Strategy

Social Media Management

Audience Analytics



SMS Marketing

Website Development

Email Marketing

Josh J.

Online Marketing Specialist

"Emanuel provided outstanding Social Media Marketing & Funnel design services for us during a period where we were stuck hitting the ceiling. He is an incredibly talented young man, professional, and I cannot thank him enough!"

Blake T.

Business Speaker & Coach

"Wow Emanuel really knows his stuff! He has helped me skyrocket my lead generation strategy using his 'Advanced Funnel Designs' webinar pages, sales funnels, and digital marketing services - after our first strategy session I was able to launch a campaign with incredible ROI right away."

J.P. Morales

Real Estate Photographer 

I just wanted a better website to surpass my competition. But Emanuel and MAN-TECH DESIGNS has overdelivered with producing a 'Master-Funnel' and advanced digital marketing, which I never herd of, so advanced, and also gave me a higher conversion rate than tradition websites.  I really appreciate your one and only 'Advanced Digital Marketing' & 'Advanced Funnel Designs', thanks!
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